QIQ High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 6 of the unselected population



Few words about me

I worked in New York as the Art Director of Women Artists News, freelanced as a audio-visual project manager and was a full partner in an exhibit design company. I worked for clients such as the American Book Awards, Bloomingdales, the New York Times and Goldman Sachs. My company designed fashion showrooms for Gitano, the Robert Bruce Co.,

and exhibits for Ocean Pacific, Matrix, and others. I’m retired now and spend time creating digital collages and drawings as well as greeting cards. I am a Yankee fan and now that I live in upstate New York, I watch the games on television.



Email: krislw77@aol.com

About QIQ Society

QIQ Society

QIQ High IQ Society

Founded: 01/01/2011

Cut-off: IQ 116, sd 16
SD > mean: 1
Percentile: 84
Rarity: 1 in 6

Current Members: 46
Stat. Repres.: 276

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