QIQ Society has a new member, Mike Fuller.

Mike is not a Poet. He is Knowledgeable on Space, The Beatles, Poetry, Geography, Music, Facts, Quotes and Brilliant People. He is a Poetry Reciter, a Presenter and an Artist.

He is interested in some of the lesser Known British Poet Laureates and Orchestral Music. He has given 4 Presentations entitled ‘Music and Verse 1 – 4‘ for Recorded Music Societies with a GREAT Success.

He can recognize about 95% of towns and cities in the UK, with a population of about 50,000 or more, by the shape of the built up area on a map. He knows about 40 or 50 quotes by Goethe ( Translated ) to recite from memory. He worked out in his head that 319 x 58 = 18,502 and that 449 x 2,750 = 1,234,750. At about 10 or 11 years old, he told his mother, at the local Methodist church, without any contradiction in his mind, “I don’t believe in God!”.

He is Hypersensitive and very Perceptive. His favourite piece of music is Venus by Holst.

Mike, welcome to the QIQ Society!

QIQ Administration